Fractured Harmonics

Fractured Harmonics


Chelsee is currently taking commissions!

Email me at chelseek(at)
(As I'm doing what I can to avoid spam, just type in the @ symbol when writing.)

My ballpark prices start around thus:

Single Character:
Lineart - $30
Colored - $45
Colored with background - $60

I don't have any single preference; humans, animals, monsters, furries, they all offer their own unique challenges.

If a project seems particularly complex, the prices may go up of course. Though, adversely, if a project sounds particularly interesting or fun, I may be willing to cut down the price if you succeed in enticing me. So make my life interesting ^_~.
If you want couples (or duets or trios, legions, ect) let's tack on $15 per extra person.
Traditional: Note me. I'm a watercolor/pastel wizkid.

This is never going to make me rich, but it does give me a small taste of my dream to do this for a living. Every commission I recieve is an honor to work with so many unique and creative minds. This comic would be nothing without you all.

Thanks. <3 Chelsee